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The RIFTS Campaign Resource Page!
Dice Roller
Forgot your dice? Roll 'em up on this handy little page!
Hall of Cthulhu
H.P. Lovecraft / Call of Cthulhu fan page - Home of The After Hours Club. Not much here yet.
Hero Machine
You haven't got a character portrait. It's twenty minutes before the session, and there is a new player... better get to work!
Skill List
That all handy skill list straight from the GM's Guide! Click on the skill to get the description. Be the fastest gun in the west with this handy reference!
The Brood
The Brood homepage - a resource for the players of Splynncryth's Rifts campaign
The Exiles
A new page for Splynncryth's Rifts campaign. Still under construction.
The Sunday Game
So out of date, you wonder why we leave the link here.
A new application to manage turns that's still under development
A resource for players of our Vampire - The Masquerade campaign
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